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Green Circle Camping Projects in Scenic Himalayas

Our Manali CampPurpose of the camps

To introduce the participants in trekking, bird watching and wildlife, rock climbing, river crossing, yoga and leadership skills
To expose them to camp life and collective living at a place far away from home.
To expose them to simple living in natural atmosphere
To enable the participants would appreciate nature
To create interest in environmental protection.

Camp Site

The camps are held at scenic places in the Himalayas which include  Manali, Rishikesh and Chakrata  where one can have the breath taking view of the gorgeous Himalayan ranges. Accommodation will be in the make shift tents/cottages situated in a scenic backdrop of the Himalayas

Target Group

The participants will be students of VIII standard and above.  However interested students in lower classes may also be included in the CAMP   (Maximum no. of participants – 30)

Safety arrangements

  • Sufficient security measures have been taken to conduct the programme in safe way.
  • Separate staying arrangements are made for girls
  • Lady instructors/ volunteers will accompany the group
  • Medical facilities are available near the camp site


Contact mail

Email ID : www. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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