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Launched on 23.10.2012

Dear friends,

We welcome you to be a part of this project which involves no cost. On the contrary, it will get you back to nature. The little contribution matters much for us. This is so simple.

Why Sparrow Count?

Delhi Government has declared Sparrow as the State Bird. This is a welcome step towards preserving this common bird which is dwindling in number. The research is going on and several reasons are being attributed for the decline in number though there is no concrete proof till date. Sparrows, once shown by our ‘Nana’ and ‘Nani’ to divert attention of the crying babies, today have to be shown in pictures. Like minas, pigeons, parrots and crows, sparrows are common birds which do not shy away from human habitats. It is time that everyone realizes that if birds are not there, there will not be human life.

What is our project?

Green Circle, taking cue from declaration of Sparrow as State Bird by Delhi administration, have decided to make a physical count of sparrows and see the how many of them are existing in Delhi. We have already recorded sparrows  in Shopping complexes, Akshardham temple complex, metro stations, resident parks, gardens etc. but the number is disturbingly low. Counting the birds will create a data base for knowing the present status of the birds. Using statistical methods, we will be in a position to track the improvement or decline in the bird population in the years to come. This is a year-long project and our first step towards protecting the species. We will submit a report to Delhi Government and suggest further steps to increase the population. We will be involving students, social conscious youth and environmental activists to execute the project

What do we expect from you?

We are enclosing a format for recording the number of birds in your vicinity. You need not carry the observation sheet every time you venture into the project. Whenever you go to the milk booth, vegetable market or simply going out for a morning or evening walk in the neighbourhood park, please make a count of the sparrows seen by you. The male birds have bright plumage (feathers) while the female ones have a dull plumage. If possible record the sex, or else, simply note the number of birds. The Observation sheet is very simple and self-explanatory.  Please fill up all details and post the same through email to us. We also will include you in the Google group for participating in our activities. If you could support us through donations, you are most welcome.

Your participation is very important for us. We will also recognize your services in a function to be arranged at the end of the project.

Looking forward to your support

Yours sincerely

Green Circle team

Please click the link below fro the OBSERVATION SHEET


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