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Eco Chaupal - a novel venture to involve village people

Green Circle has taken a novel initiative to bring together the residents of Palam Vihar colony and societies around the DDA park in Sector 6 near Plat no 13A Dwarka Delhi. The idea was contemplated on seeing the dismal condition of the adjoining DDA park in Sector 6. This park is located in a prime area but had been uncared for years together. We have approached the horticulture department of DDA who had provided us 25 tree saplings. We had undertaken to water the trees, as this was highlighted by the department as a major problem. The Palam Colony residents volunteered to do SHARAMDHAN. We planted 25 saplings and enacted a CHIPCO by forming a human chain around the tree (Sunderlal Bahuguna method of environmental action) to highlight the need for protecting trees to mark the world ozone day celebrations on 16.9.16. Motivated by our initiative, the colony people came forward to attend a meeting in the park which was organized by us in the form of a chaupal to highlight the environmental issues involved.


The eco-chaupal was attended by the representatives from Diamond Square apartments, Palam Vihar Colony people and DDA Pocket I Sector 6 activists on 18.9.2016 and also planted 25 tree saplings with your department’s help. Delivering the key note address, Mr Bhagawan Singh, a social activist, offered to do everything for the upliftment of the park. Mr Attar Singh Sheoran President of Diamond Square highlighted the need for removal of garbage which was causing malaria and other diseases. Mr C B Kapri President of DDA Packet 1 Sector 6 expressed concern for making developments in the park.


V Selvarajan Secretary, Green Circle appraised the participants of the objectives of the meeting and solicited support for the Tree Adoption Program. Highlighting the role of DDA in maintaining the park, he stressed the importance of people’s participation in greening the park.  We have since formed a committee comprising of 2-3 representatives from each adjacent apartments and colonies to get the residents involved in the upkeep of parks.

Tree Adoption program (One man, one tree)

We have also formed a team of 25 volunteers under our Tree Adoption Program and to do shramdhan work in protecting the trees planted. Under the Tree Adoption Program, each volunteer will be assigned a tree sapling, which has to be taken care of by him for watering and protecting the plant.


The following suggestions/ requests were put forth by the participants. The same has been taken up with the Chief Engineer DDA Dwarka

  1. 25 to 30 tree guards to protect the planted trees
  2. Water supply for the trees
  3. Zic zac closure of the boundary wall gate on the palam Vihar side
  4. 20 to 25 benches for the people to sit during their walks
  5. Electric poll mast for lighting and preventing illegal activities
  6. Cementing of walking tracks
  7. Herbal and flowering plant enclosures
  8. Night watchman / security guards

This is only a beginning. Much more to follow......

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