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Green Circle
"Our Environment our concern "

  1. Brief narrative about the organization

Green circle, registered in Delhi under Societies Registration Act 1860 under the registration number S 42058/2002 on 8th April 2002 was founded on 19.8.2001. Ours is a voluntary Non Governmental organization promoted by a group of environmental activists who have a desire and an urge for protecting environment from degradation. Green circle was built on the premise that our great Mother Earth is not inherited from our ancestors but is borrowed from the future generation. Whatever we have borrowed should be returned to the owners in ‘as is where is’ condition. Green Circle came into existence, for contributing the squirrel’s share in this mammoth task. Our Society is managed by a council of management consisting of 7 people drawn from various sections having interest in environmental activities

  1. Vision and mission

Our vision is to give back to Mother Nature what we owed from Her. We strongly believe that this planet Earth can be saved by concerted efforts to protect nature and environment Mission :- To achieve our vision, we plan to inculcate awareness among children and youth about environment and begin with pragmatic steps in protecting environment .

  1. Objectives of the organization

► To promote awareness among the members, general public as well as students about the need for protecting environment

► To impart ecological and environmental education by means of lectures, classes courses, seminars, meetings and similar programmes

► To provide sufficient opportunities and facilities to study and discuss the impact of environmental degradation and suggest measures for prevention thereof

► To undertake eco – development endeavours, nursery raising techniques, tree planting programmes, social forestry, afforestation, rain water harvesting and similar programmes

► To imbibe civic consciousness among youth to mould them into responsible and responsive future leaders thro’ our leadership education.

  1. Organization strategy to achieve vision, mission and objective

We also strongly believe that we can contribute our best in our locality. We think globally and act locally. We are keen on environment protection and we care nature, to ensure future, and therefore taken the following slogans as our MANTRA



We plan to undertake feasible environmental upgradation activities and for funding the projects, we look for aid from like-minded people, donors, corporate and Government grants

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